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Throw that fairy dust in my hair

In my never never land

20 October 1985
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Jillian. Also know as jillybean, jilly, jillyface, jelly, jillypop and more. Libra. Born on October 20th. Disneyland is her happy place. The river is her second home. Dancing always brings her back and beyond. Kind, adventurous, random, never sleeps, easily amused, loves being with her friends, loves to laugh, would rather run through the world barefoot. Also a huge dork and nerd, and loves every minute of it. Loves to smile. Is always flying above the clouds, but is more grounded that you would think. :)

Loves musicals and anything to do with broadway. Les Miserables. In the Heights. Billy Elliot. Pippinl. Wicked. Rent. Avenue Q. Aida. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Hairspray. Phantom of the Opera. Tick Tick Boom.

Disneyland <3. Beauty and the Beast. Peter Pan. Mary Poppins. Ratatouille. Eeyore. Fantasmic.

Loves river rafting. South/Middle Fork American River. Any river.

Loves dancing and performing. Ballet. Jazz. Lyrical. Musical Theatre.

Loves Cirque du Soleil. Varekai. Alegria. Quidam. Dralion. Saltimbanco. O. Mystere.

”and though life is never easy, as we as children read in the books, where fairy dust can just, fly you so far away, all I ask is that you leave me my imagination, so I can pretend I’m flying away.” - scott alan

“beautiful roaring scream, of joy and sorrow, so extreme, there is a love in me raging, alegria, a joyous magical feeling” - alegria

“the first river you paddle runs through the rest of your life. It bubbles up in pools and eddies to remind you who you are.” - lynn noel

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